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Board Election FAQ

  • Opportunity to contribute to a high-functioning governance body pivotal to the success of HI USA
  • Opportunity to expand your professional network and learn from a diverse group of colleagues
  • Opportunity to help fulfill a meaningful mission

All Directors are unpaid volunteers. Travel expenses for board meetings are reimbursed.

  • Someone who is committed to the power of travel in promoting inclusive and culturally aware worldviews
  • Someone with strong leadership skills and the ability to think creatively and strategically
  • Someone who can influence others to pursue a different path
  • Someone who is adaptable and flexible, who thoughtfully considers new information and perspectives
  • Someone with a personal or community network to help further HI USA’s mission
  • Someone who values a collegial working team

HI USA Directors are elected for a 3-year term.

The Board of Directors meets four times a year over weekends, currently twice virtually and twice in-person in various locations around the country. The Board also meets virtually as needed between quarterly meetings to address urgent or time-sensitive issues.

  • There are currently 12 directors from around the country on the HI USA Board.
  • Critical to success is a Board of Directors representing diverse perspectives and leadership styles and drawing on a variety of backgrounds.

It is advantageous but not required to be an experienced traveler. HI USA seeks Directors who are passionate about the power of travel in influencing inclusive and culturally aware worldviews.

Yes, you must be a paid life or annual member to apply for the Board of Directors. If you are not a member, it’s easy to join online.

To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, employees, agents, or representatives of HI USA or any of its affiliate hostels are not eligible to become members of the HI USA Board of Directors. HI USA volunteers are eligible to apply.

  • Review the Call for Nominations for a description of candidate attributes and experiences identified as important for the incoming class.
  • Complete the application process including upload of  a current résumé and a statement of support from a professional or volunteer colleague.
  • By the current Board of Directors. Completed applications are reviewed by the HI USA Board Development Committee (BDC), which evaluates current director attributes and experience, and then endeavors to complement those attributes and experiences with the new class. Selected candidates are interviewed by two members of the committee. The BDC recommends a slate to the full Board.
  • Elections by the full Board will be held in March 2024.
  • Announcement of election results will be posted on  in March 2024.

HI USA will host a live webinar on Thursday October 19th at 4:30PST/6:30CST/7:30EST with HI USA’s Board Committee Chair and CEO for those interested in learning more about HI USA and Board service.  Register Here