5 Reasons to Spend Earth Day at HI Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel

HI Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel

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5 Reasons to Spend Earth Hour and Earth Day at HI Point Montara

Point Montara Lighthouse and ocean view

One thing that all HI USA hostels have in common is that they strive to be good to the Earth and minimize the impact that traveling may have on the environment. From HI Boston in the East all the way to HI Point Montara on the West Coast, our hostels try to be as sustainable and green as possible, so you can keep seeing the world with a clean conscious! Since March and April are the months of Earth Hour and Earth Day respectively, we thought we’d remind you of the reasons why HI Point Montara, and HI USA hostels in general, are excellent places to spend time honoring Mother Earth.

HI Point Montara is certified green

The coast side hostel is a Bay Area Green Business and has GOLD-level Sustainable Travel Education Program (STEP) certification. All the green accolades are a bit of a mouthful, but what they mean is that HI Point Montara meets more than 21 criteria – including water management, philanthropy, fair labor policies and recycling – to qualify for the STEP certification. Similarly, being a Bay Green Area Green Business means that the hostel is equipped to do as much as it can to reduce its carbon foot print. As you explore the hostel you’ll find little touches, like the native plant garden that requires precious little water and the commitment to recycling, which make this place ideal for the green-minded wanderer.

The stars will look amazing during the Earth Hour blackout

Earth Hour originated in Sydney, Australia as a way to shine a light, or rather, not, on the issue of climate change. Now, countries on all seven continents power down for an hour in March to show their solidarity with the Earth. The stars in Northern California are already a sight to behold when you can see them, but with no light pollution and the Pacific Ocean crashing alongside Montara’s lighthouse, it’s sure to feel extra poignant as the sky stretches out above and reminds you how small and lucky we are living on this planet.

HI Point Montara inspires future green travelers

With access to fascinating tide pools and other wonders of coastal wildlife, HI Point Montara is a popular spot for youth groups, Girl Scout troupes and schools who take part in HI USA’s Outdoor Hostel Adventure program. These young people will get to learn about and appreciate the treasures of their planet, and the hope is that with this knowledge and passion, future generations can pick up where places like HI Point Montara have left off with green initiatives.

You’re being green just by staying at a hostel

As we mentioned in this post, you’re being inherently green just by staying at a hostel because of the shared facilities. So if you’re looking to commemorate Earth Day or Earth Hour with as small a carbon footprint as possible while being somewhere breathtakingly beautiful, HI Point Montara may be your best bet.

It’s within walking distance of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

If you would like to see what the importance of Earth Day and Earth Hour are about, you should go see the starfish, sea anemones and abalone at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. They seem small and insignificant but are still are a big part of the Earth’s ecology. The reserve’s tide pools are one of the treasures of Northern California, and there are plenty of educational and volunteer opportunities for people who would like to get more involved or learn more about the ocean life. There’s nothing like interacting with nature to remind yourself that we are all a part of it.