HI Boston Hostel

19 Stuart Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Call 1 (617) 536-9455

Explore Boston

full room of hostellers hold up peace signs in honor of HI USA's Sleep for Peace event

Boston On A Budget… With Lobster?

Vanessa of TurnipSeed Travel tells you all about her stay in Boston, doing everything her heart desires, while staying within an ambitious budget. When I first conceived the $200 Challenge two years ago, the premise was fairly simple. Can two people travel for two days spending just $200, and can that travel actually be an enjoyable, quality experience?

View from the top of Bunker Hill Monument

Green Footprints: Boston

Consistently ranked one of the top 3 most walkable cities in the US, Boston makes it easy to be a responsible traveler without sacrificing excitement or adventure. Surrounded by water and infused with rich American history, Boston satisfies every traveler’s agenda. Discover your perfect day in Beantown as an environmentally and socially responsible visitor.

Massachusetts State House

Free For All: Boston

Boston might be known for A-listers like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and the Kennedys, but you don’t even need a dollar to experience its heart and soul. Here’s how you can get to know this historic, New England city and save your pennies:

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