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HI USA's Free For Alls

HI USA's Free for All

We believe you don’t need a lot of money to experience the transformative power of travel. To prove it, we created the HI USA Free For All, which is a compilation of some the best free things to do in major cities across the U.S.They’re not the obvious, already-been-done-before type of things you can read about in any guidebook. They’re the hidden gems cherished by locals. A twist on the old favorites. And some of them might surprise you.



girls paddle boarding on Austin lake Inner Harbor of Baltimore



tulips in front of Boston statue Cloud gate at night

Los Angeles

New York

Santa Monica Pier at night Busy Grand Central Station


San Diego

neon Portland Oregon Old Town sign Views of the ocean from Point Loma

San Francisco


Traveler walking through alley with street art Seattle skyline with Aquarium and ferris wheel

Washington, DC

girl sitting at the Lincoln Memorial looking at the Washington Monument